Soda Bread

This is not my own recipe, it is from but I adjusted the method to make it with my Thermomix. My friend suggested I try this after she made a loaf and was amazed at how well it worked. I agree – for such a simple recipe with no proofing and no yeast, it rose much more than what I thought it would. The bi-carb soda worked a treat. And so quick to make!  I made it one  evening to serve with a slow cooker chicken meal, perfect for soaking up the cooking sauce.

As you can see – I followed the recipe right down to including the suggestion for presentation :) But you have to agree, it looks pretty great with the potato slices and rosemary sprigs in the top doesn’t it?

You can find the recipe here.

These were the only variations I made:
I added all of the dough ingredients straight into the Tmx bowl and combined speed 5, 5 seconds
Then I kneaded the dough for 2 minutes on interval setting before turning out and shaping (and garnishing)
I made two smaller loaves instead of one large one



  1. says

    Soda Bread: recipe sounds wonderful & the bread looks great! You asked if the garnish looked good and I have to say for me the potato just does not work at all. Love the Rosemary and think perhaps a few sliced black olives or sundried tomatoes would have worked better with the colour of the bread. Cheers.

    • Cooking in the Chaos says

      Thanks for your feedback and thoughts Gay. I like your idea of olives and sundried tomatoes, it would add a nice flavour to the bread too. I will give it a go next time. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the blog :)

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