Fresh Juice – Sunshine in a Glass

Thermomix fresh juice
Apricots are the secret ingredient to this juice. They add a lovely smoothness to the texture and that unmistakable apricot summery flavour. We have an apricot tree that gives us so much fruit that we end up with bags full of frozen apricot halves at the end of harvest each summer. They are perfect to add into juices, straight from the freezer.

• 2-3 apricots. We use them from frozen, but fresh will work too.
• 1 orange, peel removed
• 1 green apple, leave the skin on, cut into quarters. Leave core and seeds intact.
• Large handful of ice (about half a tray or 80-90g)
• 250ml of coconut water

Blend together on speed 9 for 30-40 seconds until smooth.
For more details on using your Thermomix to make juice and smoothies read my post here.

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