How to freeze pizza bases

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Have you ever wondered how to freeze pizza bases from dough you have made yourself?
Making your own pizza dough not only saves money but also makes much better tasting pizzas!

Most often I make pizza dough as I need it. But I do like to have a few bases ready in the freezer for days when I am really time poor, or for the kids to use to make quick lunch or snack on the weekend. I use this method to freeze bases to use later. I have experimented with freezing the dough before it is par-cooked, but I found it harder to work with, and the finished results were not as good.

I use the pizza dough recipe from the Thermomix EDC (and Basic Cookbook) I have always found it to be reliable and give good results. However there are lots of different dough variations out there so use your own recipe of choice.

Once the dough has done it’s first rise, knock it down, roll into shape and then place on lined baking trays. I usually freeze bases in smaller sizes, as I find them useful to make individual serves.

Place into a hot (200 degree) oven and bake for 5-10 minutes until the base is just starting to puff up and change colour. Be careful not to overcook or let it go brown. Remove from the oven, let cool on an airing rack, and wrap for freezing. It is really important to let the dough cool completely before freezing.

To freeze, I stack the bases with baking paper in between and either wrap the entire bundle in cling film, or store in a container.

To use a base, just remove from the freezer, place on a tray, top with pizza topping and bake in the oven as per normal. I use mine straight from frozen and have not had any trouble.


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