Fruit Balls

FruitBalls copyThese are great for lunchboxes as they have no nuts. They are a bit sweeter than the Power Balls and Date Balls as they have more dried fruit. They don’t last long in my house!  I make small balls and get between 22-25.

Fruit Balls
Prep Time
Total Time
Recipe type: Balls and Raw Treats
Serves: Approx 22 balls
  • 100 dates (I use Medjool but dried will work just as well. Remember to remove seeds if using Medjool)
  • 60g dried apricots
  • 30g dried apple slices
  • 90g desiccated coconut
  • Extra coconut for rolling
  1. Combine all ingredients in Tmx bowl and mix at speed 7, 20 seconds.
  2. Remove lid and scrape sides of bowl down, then process for a further 20 seconds at speed 8-9.
  3. Shape teaspoon full amounts into balls and roll in coconut.
  4. Store covered in fridge


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