Date, Chia and Coconut Balls

DateBalls copyThese were inspired by some shop bought date balls that my daughter loves. She helped me to re-create the same flavour at home with this recipe. These are really easy and great for lunchboxes with some vegetable sticks.

Date Balls
Prep Time
Total Time
Recipe type: Sweet Snacks
Serves: Approx 22 balls
  • 10 Medjool dates seeds removed (or 180g dried dates)
  • 90g desiccated coconut
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • Extra coconut for rolling
  1. Add dates, coconut and chia seeds in to Tmx bowl and process speed 7, 30 seconds.
  2. Scrape the sides of the bowl down and then process again a speed 9 for a further 10 seconds.
  3. Shape teaspoon full amounts into balls and roll in the extra coconut.
  4. Store sealed in the fridge.
If using all dried dates (not medjool) you may need to slightly decrease the quantity of coconut.



    • Cooking in the Chaos says

      Hi Amanda, yes you an use a food processor. You may just need to mix them for a bit longer depending on the power of your processor, and also you might have to make the mix in batches to prevent your food processor getting overloaded. But the finished result will be just the same :)
      Process the mixture until is is quite fine and grainy, and sticks together easily.
      Fresh dates will also make it easier in a food processor as they are softer and moister to start with.

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