Boiled Eggs – The Thermo Way

BoiledEggs copy
We had owned our Thermomix for quite a while before I discovered how easy it was to use it to make perfect boiled eggs. Now I cook them all the time, I cook as many as I can fit in the basket and keep them in the fridge (in their shells) for the kids to snack on. They make a great nutritious after school snack – the kids just grab and shell one as they want. It is also great to have some on hand for sandwich fillings or to add to salads. We are lucky enough to have some very happy hens that provide us with a constant supply of eggs

I cook them as per the instructions in the Everyday Cookbook, and they are perfect every time.

Simply pour 500ml of water into the Tmx bowl, place eggs into the basket and insert into bowl (anywhere between 4 and 8 eggs at a time).
Cook Varoma, speed 1, 14 minutes – for hard boiled.
Or if you would like to eat them straight away as soft boiled eggs reduce the cooking time to 9-12 minutes.

Once cooked store them covered in the fridge in their shells – they will keep fresh for up to a week (but they don’t last that long in our house!)

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