About Us

Our home is in regional Western Australia and houses two working parents, three school aged children, two dogs, lots of chooks and a whistling weiro. We often operate in a version of ‘organised chaos’ amid the busyness of everyday life, school, work, sport and social activities; however, eating and enjoying good food together remain priorities for our family. This blog is a  journal of how we cook, eat and enjoy food in our busy kitchen. Most of these recipes are created using our trusty Thermomix (TM31) and are prepared by me and my husband (and sometimes the kids!).

Our Thermomix is a valuable tool in helping provide good wholesome food in much less time, using cooking methods that incorporate  a ‘cooking from scratch’ philosophy. We have had our Thermomix since 2010 and continue to learn new ways to cook with this amazingly versatile machine.

We are fortunate that in our family nobody has any food intolerances or allergies. We eat a sensible, balanced, healthy diet and the recipes we cook reflect that – real food from a real kitchen.  We do also enjoy some sweet stuff in moderation too – as you will see!

I hope you enjoy our recipes and are inspired to try some yourself.
We would love your feedback and comments.
Happy cooking (in the chaos!)